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A. Who is ADMIRAL®

Admiral is a classic British sports brand with over 100 years of sporting heritage. Admiral's sporting pedigree is unique, in that it introduced the world to the replica soccer kit market in the mid 1970's, a market that exploded and was pioneered by Admiral. The brand was worn by England, Manchester United & many of the original North American Soccer League teams including the Tampa Bay Rowdies. The original New York Cosmos jersey was designed by Ralph Lauren for Admiral. Find out more about us on these links:

B. How long has ADMIRAL® been in business?

ADMIRAL® has been serving customers for 100 years at the next 2015 world cup. Axis Sports, the North American Distributor of Admiral, has been in business for 28 years.

C. The largest sportswear brand

We have over 60 pro & semi-pro teams working with us across the US. We supply; NASL 2012 Champions Tampa Bay Rowdies, 2011 Champions Minnesota United and 2013 USL PDL Champions Austin Aztex. We're also the official supplier to many other USL Pro, USL PDL, USL MISL, NPSL and PASL teams plus a number of Youth Soccer States and their Olympic Development programs. As we announce teams we add them to the news section of our website. As part of these partnerships, the Admiral brand is worn on the field of play and in training. It is promoted on the kit, around stadia and training grounds and at matches

D. How do I reach ADMIRAL®?

If you have any questions regarding your orders, you can reach Customer Service at or 1-888-646-6822. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.

E. How do I reach Customer Service? 

If you have any questions regarding customer service, you can e-mail us at

F. What are your customer service hours?

Our world class Customer Service Representatives are available to speak with you: Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.

G. Do you have retailers that carry the ADMIRAL® brand?

ADMIRAL has developed geographical strategic distribution relationships with local retailers and clubs. Your nearest Admiral retailer can be found by calling Customer Service at 1-888-646-6822. To apply or request further information as a distributor or retailer please also call Customer Service at 1-888-646-6822. 

H. Do you have a catalog?

The full admiral catalog can be viewed on line at There you'll see accessories and other products too. You can get everything from us as a one-stop shop. We also produce bespoke catalogs for events and teams to help them focus on the products they want to purchase.

I. What is the price of a team kit?

The price of a team kit varies according to the one chosen and the embellishment needed. All our products and prices can be viewed on



Benefits for the Club in dealing with Admiral Sports

Owning our own factory differentiates Admiral from both branded and non-branded competitors. It allows us to reduce inventory requirements ourselves and for our partners, it means we can deliver custom product, faster and cheaper than our competitors.

Better Brand

Admiral is an authentic soccer brand (the oldest in the world) worn by pro teams today and legends of soccer such as Pele and Beckenbauer. This means your travel and house league teams can wear a credible brand that’s worn by pro teams today.

Better branding for your club

Too many teams resemble each other on the pitch in the same uniform only in a different color from manufacturers that mass produce uniforms. Standard products from other brands do more to promote their brand than your club’s brand and identity. Admiral can help differentiate your club through “Your Kit Your Way” a custom design, color and branded kit which increases brand awareness for a club because it’s players stand out on the field as looking good and different. Our high quality product, design, fabricsstitching, branding, in itself, says something about a club’s brand. Because we’re factory direct and very competitive, the club can keep a consistent brand and look good across both recreational and competitive programs.

Better Price with no hidden extras

We offer a world famous brand at factory direct prices and delivery by having no middlemen. There’s no surcharge for adult versus youth, for extra large or extra small items, for small or large volumes, for special packaging / boxing instructions by team and comparable industry shipping charges which are in most cases, partially subsidized by Admiral to assist in keeping shipping charges down.

Better Availability

Because we're factory direct, we make what you want when you need it. Ready to Play orders for less than 300 pieces will be shipped in 2-3 weeks depending on the embellishing required and time of year and we can often assist with rush requests, you just need to ask. For Ready to Play orders over 300 pieces, allow 4 to 6 weeks. We can’t guarantee that Ready to Play product in every size and color will be on our shelf each day of the year but when we run out, we can make it for you within 5-30 days depending on what is needed and the time of year. Your Kit Your Way orders, which are completely custom product, can be made in 6-8 weeks depending on the request and time of year. What is good with either Ready to Play or Your Kit Your Way product, unlike other brands, is that you won’t have to change styles when it is ‘end of life’ because we can continue to make additional product when you need it, whether it’s 3 years from now or 10. Other brands outsource production, which limits flexibility, ability to customize product, price and speed of delivery.

On time delivery

Other brands largely manufacture in the Far East in 3rd party factories meaning they don’t control production schedules, have to order large minimum quantities, and have a shorter product life cycle which means players are forced to replace all the team-wear in shorter time periods. Retailers cannot do anything to replace product and fulfill “fill-ins” if the brand has stopped production of the style a club wears or if there’s no stock in their warehouse. If they are out of stock, they have long lead times to order from a standard catalog with deliveries going on “back order” when inventory isn’t available. Admiral operates its own 80k+ sq. foot facility with over 150 full time employees that only work for Admiral. This facility allows us to offer an industry leading on-time delivery and service, with custom product that can be provided when the club needs it, in the quantity required.

Better “shelf life”

We update our catalog annually and typically maintain Ready To Play product for 3 to 4 years, adding new styles each year, though by owning our own factory, our styles are never truly “out of line”. All of the club core apparel needs have the ability to be manufactured within our facility. Thus, the club can be secure in the fact that unlike any of our competitors, Admiral can “guarantee” the necessary lifespan of a style to meet the club’s requirements. This will help the club reduce costs to parents, maintain a kit and source for “fill-ins”. Other brands can’t offer this because they don’t own their factory.

Better Compliance & Quality

Other manufactures have challenges with compliance in 3rd party factories because they don’t control production and produce items in many different locations making consistency of sizing, color and style a challenge. Because we own our own factory, we are able to directly control compliance and quality and immediately create solutions and implement solutions within minutes which are impossible when using 3rd party factories. Our factory also strives to operate to the highest compliance standards in staffing, environment, and working conditions. We even have an employee canteen where staff have the option of conveniently having their meals provided to them by a chef. We value and appreciate all employees that work here at Admiral and look to promote internally, where possible, to allow for professional growth. These are just some of the standards we implement to ensure a happy and motivated workforce.

Better product

All our jerseys and shorts use an engineered dri-fit material using Admiral’s proprietary Vapor Draw Technology, which means you can wash them many times and the dri-fit capability will be the same as day one (which isn’t the same for cheaper non brands and some other well known brands). Our shorts are made with 4 panels, which ensures a better fit, have a covered waistband (which means the elastic doesn't rub on the skin) and a drawstring that's properly stitched so it doesn't get lost in the waistband. We make our products in women’s and men’s cut so they fit better (your girls wont need to “roll up their waistbands”). Our socks aren't tube socks like many of our competitors. They have a padded foot, ribbed articulated elastic around the ankle and an arch support.

Fundraise with your own web-store / Become your own Retailer

Admiral’s Club Store allows the club to generate revenue from sales of team kit, travel wear, accessories and spirit-wear including fleeces, caps and scarves and purchase them for direct delivery. The store will be customized with club branding photos, colors, logos and banners to create a unique identity. The club will generate incremental revenue from player purchases with no risk.

Online store

Players within the club can order product online with shipping direct to home. This removes the burden of managing cash payments, ordering kits and distribution. Coaches can review order status online easily so they know who's ordered on their team and who hasn't to send them automatic reminders. With our online direct to player ordering, coaches at Admiral clubs can focus on coaching and playing the game. See an example of an online store on the Tampa Bay Rowdies website

Working with the brand owners

Who are focused on the club, it's members and your needs. We have a track record of delivering for teams throughout the USA & Canada and are personally accountable.

Strong references

We have many partners who you can contact that will provide references for Admiral. Here’s what some of our clubs say about us;

TAMPA BAY ROWDIES, 2012 NASL Champions, Lee Cohen, COO.

“The product that the players and fans will be getting is first class. The design is exactly what we wanted, the attention to detail is so much better than with our previous brand. We are excited about the partnership and all the ideas that will make us all successful.”

CLUB BOLIVAR, 2011 Division 1 Champions, Bolivia, Diego Rada, Gerente de Marketing

"We received the shirts and they are amazing, the players love them and they are a success with fans too.”

MINNESOTA UNITED, 2011 NASL Champions, Djorn Buchholz, General Manager.

“They did a really good job designing these jerseys. Everybody enjoyed wearing them, players and fans. We have thoroughly enjoyed the partnership with Admiral and we are looking forward to strengthening the relationship.”

ARSENAL FC of PA, Mark Taylor, President

Arsenal FC of PA made the switch to Admiral for our player uniforms and coaches equipment. The decision to partner with Admiral was based on a very strong proposal and the belief that the club would be receiving a top quality produce combined with fantastic customer service. The board at Arsenal was thoroughly impressed with the communication from Paul Hamburger and the vast array of products that Admiral had to offer our players. Our players have received their uniforms and apparel and have displayed a great level of satisfaction with the look and quality of the merchandise. The staff at Admiral also set up a web store for our members, which has made the ordering of uniforms and apparel very convenient. Overall we are delighted with the service that Admiral has provided our club with and we would certainly recommend any clubs to look at Admiral to fulfill their uniform needs.



A. How many pieces are in a complete uniform?

A complete uniform set consists of a jersey, shorts and socks. You can order any combination of items from us.

B. How is product packaged?

All uniforms are packaged and labeled in team sets and boxed by division and by team.

C. Is the equipment you sell tested?

At ADMIRAL® we offer equipment that has not only passed industry tests, but also our high standards. We guarantee our products against manufacturer's defects so you can be confident of contests that are not marred by below standard equipment.

D. How do I wash my uniform?

We recommend washing in warm or cold water, line dry or put in the dryer on low.

New Uniforms
• Always read care instructions prior to washing new uniforms.
• Wash new uniforms as per the below instructions to prepare them for use.
• Separate the uniforms by color to form different loads.
• Make sure to wash a medium size load on an extra-large laundry setting so that all the uniforms get a good wash.
• Wash each load at a gentle cycle using a 1-2 oz of mild detergent at a warm temperature setting. • Repeat the washing cycle twice so that any topical dye left from the dyeing process is washed off.
• For the final round, wash with cold water without adding any detergent.
• Extra rinse the uniforms to make sure all the dyes and detergents are washed off.
• Tumble dry the uniforms in low heat.
• Store
• Hang the uniforms once they are completely dry in a cool place which is not exposed to direct sunlight or florescent light 
• Do not iron the uniforms


• Prepare
• Do not dry clean the uniforms.
• Do not pile sweaty uniforms in a bag or locker. This will lead to color migration of dark colors onto light colors.
• Wash all uniforms as soon as possible after each use.
• Always read care instructions prior to washing uniforms.
• Separate the uniforms by color to form different loads.
• Make sure to separate out uniforms with wear and tear, and send them for repair before they are washed.
• Remove belts and pads from the uniforms before loading the uniforms in the machine.
• Fasten zippers, hooks, buttons etc and turn the uniforms inside out to keep the fasteners intact. • Wash
• Wash each load at a cold temperature setting.
• Do not let the uniforms sit in the machine after the wash cycle is complete.
• Dry
• Turn the uniforms inside out.
• Tumble dry the uniforms on low heat immediately after wash.
• Do not use fabric softeners or dryer sheets.
• Store
• Fold or hang the uniforms once they are completely dry in a cool place which is not exposed to direct sunlight or florescent light
• Do not iron the uniforms.

Some garments undergo a sublimation dye process using heat to transfer a specific design to the garments. Therefore, please take extra precautions when applying heat in any manner. Inks can be re-activated at higher temperatures causing the design to “transfer”. Note we cannot guarantee that sock colors will exactly match jersey / short colors due to the different fabrics used.

E. What is Vapordraw®?

Vapordraw is the latest innovation in sports fabrics from ADMIRAL®. Jerseys made with Vapordraw keep the body comfortable because the fabric is ultra-breathable, fast drying and possesses excellent moisture management properties. Vapordraw has a weave that quickly wicks moisture away from the body. It is also extremely lightweight, which allows for great comfort and freedom of movement.

F. Do you have a warranty?

All ADMIRAL® uniforms are fully guaranteed against material and manufacturing defects. We make every effort to match colors as close as possible. Sometimes in the dyeing process the shading may not be exact, therefore we cannot be responsible for mismatches.

G. How long do you keep products in your line?

Typically products remain in our line for 3-4 years. We then remove them from our catalog for general sale. But we can in many cases continue to supply fill-ins because we continue to stock fabrics and have our own production facility. We will notify you in advance if a product is in it's final catalog year.

H. What size is right for my players?

View full sizing guide here:

I. How long is the inseam on the shorts?

All shorts are slightly different based upon style and intended fit. A short can have a 3” inseam and the short is longer than others. It is the front and back rise, coupled with the outer seam that dictates the overall length. Take a look at the photos in our catalog for an idea of how long a short is and how they fit by simply looking at the action images of shorts on players.

J. Do we have heavier fabrics?

Today players demand fabrics that are comfortable and have fabulous performance on and off the field. We continue to conduct research for fabrics that do more than just look good. ADMIRAL® features three of the best high-performance, all-season fabrics: Vapor Draw, Drop Needle and Dolby. These fabrics are engineered to achieve and maintain a comfortable climate between your skin and the soccer uniform. This collection of ultimate moisture management control fabrics is easy-to-care for. They are machine washable in warm or cold water and can be line dried or placed in the dryer on low.

K. Can we do custom colors?

Yes, depending on the quantity and style.

L. Can we customize the styles?

Yes, depending on the quantity and style.


VAPORDRAW: A soft interlock knit that moves moisture from the inside of the fabric to the outside for quick drying.
VAPORSOFT: Super soft touch, lightweight, extra comfort.
VAPORMESH: Provides extra ventilation to regulate temperature during play.
VAPORLITE PRO: "Drop needle fabric" knits a pin stripe in to the design.
ACTIVE KNIT: knitted fabric with stretch for comfort & extra flexibility.


Sublimation allows for full-color, photo quality images to be added to apparel for more vivid details & colors.
We sublimate many fabrics in order to manufacture our apparel which includes teamwear and various outerwear items.
Sublimated images last as long as the garment and do not fade or crack over time.
Sublimation does not impede the performance of the fabrics.
With sublimated apparel you can define your identity.
All sublimated jerseys are made as ProFit.


Select one of our sublimation designs and choose any color.
Select our ProFit cut designed for Pro teams, styled to be body fitting or our ActiveFit an open relaxed fit, for extra comfort.
Select collar style - crew, v-neck, collar v-neck, collar placket.
Select long or short sleeve.
Men's, Women's and Youth fit and sizing available.


Direct to garment screen printing.
High resolution digital transfer for logos, numbers and names.
Woven crests offer higher definition, are durable, weigh less & can be used on more products.
PU Crest is very light weight, flexible, water resistant, allows for detail and it's super durable too.
The Match number is our latest unique design. Made from a newer soft and more durable vinyl.
Pro number is made of vinyl, is hard wearing and available in multiple colors.

M. Do you offer a cheap T-Shirt for my camps?

We offer our Retro T and Solid T which are made using our duo-blend of 60/40 fabric that is very light and soft. We can also make a women’s cut t-shirt and u-neck or v-neck tank tops.  

N. What colors do you offer your spirit-wear products in?

Depending on the item, we can offer up to 18 colors.

O. Do you make custom scarves?

We offer 4 types of scarf. Sublimated scarves that are 2 sided (19cmx140cm), 2 sided circular knit scarf (19cmx140cm), 2 sided High Def circular knit scarf (19cmx140cm), 1 sided circular knit scarf (20cmx130cm). All Scarves are custom made to order. Minimum (50pcs). Allow 4 - 5 weeks for production.

P. Do you make custom balls?

Yes. Contact us at 1-888-646-6822 for more information.



A. How do I place an order?

To place an order call our Customer Service line toll free on 1-888-646-6822, email us at or order online at

We need a written purchase order signed by an authorized officer of the club prior to manufacturing or supplying any Items. The company has the right to refuse an order based on account status. Lead times and delivery times will be agreed at time of ordering but may be subject to change.

The Club agrees to provide a complete order with all information required prior to commencing the order and respond to requests for information. A complete order is based upon signed-off artwork INCLUDING ALL SPONSORS and signed off purchase orders being received from the Club and receipt by the Company of the required deposit.

We ship complete orders. Where a customer would like to receive some product faster and keep the other product on backorder, additional freight charges will apply.

Ready to Play; Completed purchase orders for less than 300 pieces of Ready to Play product will be shipped in 2-3 weeks depending on the embellishing required and time of year and we can often assist with rush requests, you just need to ask. For Ready to Play orders over 300 pieces, allow 4 to 6 weeks. We can’t guarantee that Ready to Play product in every size and color will be on our shelf each day of the year but when we run out, we can make it for you within 5-30 days depending on what is needed and the time of year.

Your Kit Your Way: Allow up-to 8 weeks for custom made team wear. Where more time is required, for custom orders, the club will be notified at the time of ordering. This order is subject to approval by the Company based on the volume required and complexity of the requirement.

B. What information do you need from me?

We need to know what style you want (you can see this on our website), what color, what quantity of each item and the size. If you need embellishment we need to know what embellishment and where. If you're planning to have names and numbers on the jersey we will need a sheet with the name, size and number for each player. We need shipping and payment details too. 

C. Can you put together a proposal for our club, league, or region?

Yes, call us at 1-888-646-6822 or email us to make a request. 

D. How can I get a sample?

Samples of uniforms are available upon request, for stock on hand. Custom samples may be available depending on availability and timing. All samples are billed to your clubs account at current individual item prices. Samples are not returnable or refundable if embellished with the Soccer Club’s logo or customized for the club. If they are Ready to Play embellished product, they will not be charged where they are returned with 4 weeks of receipt in their original condition.

Women’s Shape; Women can and do easily wear a men’s unisex shirt. When sizing shirts, a woman can use a men’s unisex shirt but would generally select a smaller size in comparison. Our women’s shape is the same as a men’s unisex specification but in production, the shirt is shaped into a women’s fit meaning that the waist is taken in by 1 ½ “ in each side. If the woman wears a man’s AM jersey or short, they will wear a women’s AS but it will be a better fit for a woman’s body.

Women’s Cut Short; It is the short that really needs to change to properly fit a woman to avoid the typically folding of the waistband down at least once when wearing a men’s unisex short. We address the women’s shorts differently than we do a women’s shaped shirt. We decrease the front and back rise, increase the hip slightly and also decrease the length.

Any Your Kit Your Way and 100 Collection; garments can be made into a women’s shaped shirt or women’s cut short.

E. What if my order is Back Ordered?

We ship complete orders. Where a customer would like to receive some product faster and keep the other product on backorder, additional freight charges will apply.

F. How do I know what size uniform to order?

We have made it easy to order uniforms for the entire team. Just use the Suggested Sizes by Division/Age Group chart. This chart was designed to save time and the task of measuring each player individually. This chart is only a suggestion to sizing. Sizing charts can be seen when you view our products online, go to;

G. How do I track my order?

Once you have received confirmation by fax or e-mail that your order has been shipped, you can track your packages by entering your tracking number in the shipping company's tracking page on their website.

H. What are the ART requirements for my logos?

Please read this  PDF file for further information.



A. How long does it take to make and ship the uniforms?

Ready to Play orders for less than 300 pieces will be shipped in 2-3 weeks depending on the embellishing required and time of year and we can often assist with rush requests, you just need to ask. For complete orders over 300 pieces allow 4 to 6 weeks.

Completely custom product, Your Kit Your Way, can be made in 6-8 weeks. Where an online store order requires any kind of customization or embellishing, add 15 business days to the shipping time of the order, regardless of the shipping method selected. No returns or cancellations are accepted for these items once the order is placed. Customization or embellishing includes manufacturing, logos, names or numbers.

B. Out of stock

Jersey's / shorts can be produced within 30 days depending upon quantities, in some cases sooner.

C. What is the shelf life of your jerseys?

We usually maintain a line for 3-4 years, and add a few new lines each year. We will make you aware at ordering of items with one year of production left. We can continue to produce styles using current in range fabrics in our own facility, which helps clubs maintain a kit and source "fill-ins".

D. When do you deliver?

All orders are processed between 7:00 AM and 5:30 PM (EST), Monday through Friday. In stock blank orders received by 5:30 PM on one day are typically shipped within 3 business days. There is typical no delivery on Saturdays and no delivery on Sundays. There is no same day delivery. Shipping usually takes from 2 to 4 business days. You can upgrade to Express shipping for an additional charge in order to expedite your order.

E. How long does it take to produce a custom soccer ball?

Custom ball booking orders require a minimum order of 100 pcs (4 cartons) per style, color & size for customization. Bulk orders are placed by November 15th and December 15th for Spring deliveries and again by April 15th and May 1st each year for Fall deliveries. These time frames MUST coincide with our other additional bulk orders so all our partners benefit from the best pricing. The lead-time is 16 weeks for delivery after artwork is approved and order confirmed.

F. How we handle back orders

We ship complete orders. Where a customer would like to receive some product faster and keep the other product on backorder, additional freight charges will apply.

G. Loss / Damage / Shortages

To facilitate Company’s resolution of shipping issues, any damage or shortage in items delivered should be noted in writing to the Company within seven days of delivery.

H. What shipping method do you use?

Nearly all shipments are sent via UPS Worldwide service. We prefer UPS because they provide insured and traceable service on every shipment.

I. May I ship to a post office box or private box address?

UPS does not carry to box addresses, so you must provide a street address for delivery.



A. What is your return policy?

We gladly accept returns on most items provided the return is reported to the company in writing within 7 days and is returned in original condition (brand new, unworn, unlaundered, unembellished, not custom). We can not accept returns of customized, worn or laundered items of any kind.

B. Custom Products Returns

All products that are embellished or are custom made for the Club cannot be returned unless defective. Whether a product is defective will be determined in the Company’s sole discretion.

C. We will not accept returns for cash.

However, we will be happy to exchange your returned goods or apply the credit towards a future purchase. On exchanges, the customer must pay all freight charges.

D. No returns will be accepted without our prior authorization.

Please state date of purchase, invoice number and reason for return. A Return Authorization Number (RAN) will be issued and must appear on all shipping labels. All returns must be shipped prepaid, no C.O.D. will be accepted. Any damaged goods may be returned, but must follow our Return Policy.

E. Cancelled orders / refused shipment

Orders can not be cancelled once confirmed in writing with a purchase order as at this point they will go into production. If a shipment is refused, the customer will be charged for all freight and handling charges. A re-stocking charge of 15% will be applied. If the product is embellished the product will be charged in full as it can't be used by anyone else.

F. Where do I send Returns?

Please remember to completely fill out the returns section of the invoice you received with your package and ship your return package either UPS or insured US Mail (remember to keep your receipt and tracking number) to:

For US returns:

TASG Holdings Ltd.
118 Camden Drive
Bal Harbour, FL 33154

For Canada returns:

TASG Holdings Ltd.
4 Romfield Drive
North York, Ontario, M3J 1K1

H. How long will it take for my Return/Exchange to be processed?

Returns are usually processed within 1-5 business days after they arrive at our location



A. How much of a deposit do I need?

A deposit of 35% is required prior to work beginning on a Purchase Order received from the Club with the “Balance of Payment” due on the day of shipping.

B. What Payment methods are accepted?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal. Checks are acceptable where an account has been granted terms.

C. Are there any special conditions for my order?

All orders are subject to acceptance by Admiral Sports. All orders under $50.00 will have a service charge of $5.00. All residential shipments will have a $3.75 surcharge.

D. Are postage and shipping included in the prices?

Orders are charged at the published UPS rates to anywhere in the USA and Canada. Shipping charges are based on weight, destination and priority. You can choose Overnight or Standard.  

E. What does it cost to ship product?

For READY TO PLAY packages, there is a FIXED & GUARANTEED freight cost of $1 per package or $.50 cents per jersey when ordering more than 50 pcs. This applies to Trafford, Plata or Rio. Regular freight charges apply for orders less than 50 pcs. All other packages freight is charged based on the size, weight and destination which we do not know until your package is ready for shipping.

F. What happens if my account is Past Due?

Any orders placed on a past due account will be sent out prepaid, C.O.D., cash/check along with the past due balance on that account. Also, the account may be changed to prepaid/C.O.D. terms permanently. Our credit department will contact you. Past due accounts will be charged at the rate of 1.5% per month (18% per annum)

G. What happens if my check is returned?

A fee of $10.00 is charged. If for any reason a check is not paid by your bank, your pending orders will not be shipped and thereafter your account will be treated as a new account and all orders will be shipped cash or C.O.D.

H. What happens if I refuse a shipment?

If a shipment is refused, the customer will be charged for all freight and handling charges. A restocking charge of 15% will be applied. Any further orders will be prepaid only.

I. How is product embellished and at what price?

Embellishment Retail price. Call for club discounts. Applicable Art and Set-Up charges may apply.
One Color Number (Pro/Match) -2,4 & 9 Inch $4.00
Club Logo-Left Chest $4.00

ONE COLOR Number and LB are INCLUDED in the kit price for purchases in excess of 300 READY TO PLAY kit packages. (Trafford, Plata, Rio)

Full color logo for 200+ (4 week turnaround)
Sponsor (1 color logo) $4.00
Sponsor (Full Color) $4.00
Name or Initial (1 Color) $7.00
Club Logo (Woven Crest) $6.00 (Minimum 300 required across program - 4 week turnaround)
Embroidery call for pricing
Sublimation - One color Sponsors $4.00
Sublimation - Multi-Color Sponsors $7.00
Sublimation - Art Charge (One time charge - Per Sponsor) $35.00

Screen embellishment orders

for 2-49 high school orders
- A Club Logo Left Chest/Screen is $4.38
- A School Name - Front Chest/Screen $4.38
- Number - 2,4 & 9 Inch/Screen $4.38.
For all screen work, applicable art charges and a $15.00 screen set-up charge PER COLOR will apply.

Applied Vinyl (Limited to One color work)

- Club Logo Screen/Vinyl or Transfer $2.50.
- School Name - Front Chest $4.38
- Number - 2,4 & 9 Inch/Vinyl $2.50. The logo design may limit the use of applied Vinyl.

J. Do you charge tax?

We do not charge tax on orders delivered to the USA as we are servicing out of state/country so taxes do not apply. Taxes are applied to orders within Canada. For deliveries to other countries, local customs officials will assess taxes/duties before allowing the item to enter your country. The carrier will usually pay these fees on your behalf and collect them from you at the time of delivery. Outside of the USA/Canada, customers are responsible for ALL customs fees, including duties, taxes, brokerage fees, and any other fees, assessed at the border before delivery. We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee and recover costs billed to us in the event that you refuse an international shipment because of duties and customs charged by your country. ALL import charges are non-refundable.

K. Other charges

All "READY TO PLAY" packages are sold with black Club short and footed black Match Sock. Upgrade to a colored Azteca short and colored Match sock for $1.70 more. Customization of Ready to Play shirts or shorts is available for a fee of $4.00 each item. This includes producing long sleeve versions of all shirts.



A. Are there additional discounts?

Volume discounts are available. Please call our Customer Service Department for further information at 1-888-646-6822. Discounts are void on past due invoices.

B. Would you sponsor my club or league?

The success of ADMIRAL® allows us the chance to invest in sponsorship and unique partnership programs that are designed to be supportive and beneficial for everyone. Please call us at 1-888-646-6822 for more information.



a. Do you share my e-mail with other companies?

Our mailing list, e-mail lists and any other personal and purchase information is kept confidential and is not exchanged or sold to any other company.

b. Is your web site a secure site?

Our security and privacy are important to us. We update our security and privacy programs to include the latest technology that encrypts your personal and purchase information as it is transmitted over the Internet. We do not release any personal or purchase information to any outside company or organization.

c. Are cookies used?

Cookies are only used in the shopping cart. This is for your convenience so information does not have to be duplicated on other ADMIRAL® web pages. You will not be able to use our shopping cart if you have cookies disabled in your browser. For your security, your Session (shopping cart and log in) will expire after 20 minutes.



a. What is the goldpoints reward program?

Follow this link to read about our Gold Point reward program.

b. Are there any exception on the gold points program?

Yes, there are. Our reward program only applies on our general website, on products at full retail price.

Points cannot be spent on club stores where prices are already discounted.



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Head Office (Including manufacturing, distribution & service)

Papakura SRL, 
Calle 2, Edificio 9B, 
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic


(Canada Sales) The Axis Sports Group Inc.
4 Romfield Drive,
North York, Ontario, M3J 1K1, Canada.


(USA / Caribbean Sales)
Admiral Sportswear LLC,
118 Camden Drive, Bal Harbour, 33154, USA.